Biblio is an accessible web digital library system with integrated online audiobook playback.

Biblio is now used by almost two thousand visually impaired people to gain access to literature.

Digital Catalogue

The highly accessible web catalogue makes it possible to browse and search for titles. Users can also play audiobooks directly on the website or download digital books to their computer.

Loans & Shop

The catalogue also makes it possible to borrow or purchase physical copies of books by the library clients directly from their home just by visiting the library website.

iOS App

To make access to books even easier, we developed an iOS application where users can browse the catalog, download audiobooks and listen to them in a convenient and highly accessible interface.


BOOKOO is a complete solution for preparation or adaptation of textual materials for visually impaired people.

When visually impaired people need to work with printed materials such as documents, books or textbooks, they need to receive them in a form which is adapted to their special needs.

BOOKOO is a real breakthrough in the way how such materials are prepared for blind and visually impaired adults, children and students. It is possible to create a publication which exists in different forms with minimum additional work. Readers can then choose the right form or a combination of forms which is most convenient for them.

Electronic Publication

People with disabilities often prefer to work with documents in electronic form since they can enlarge them as they like, have them read aloud by speech synthesis or use other assistive technologies to work with them.

Online via Web

For people with disabilities, it is often convenient to read documents online since many assistive technologies work well in the web browser and because people are already familiar with working with the web browser.

Tactile Braille Print

People who are blind cannot use their eyes and their rely on their sense of touch to be able to read printed materials. Similarly to ordinary print, braille print has its own alphabet, typographical rules and customs. But instead of being printed with ink, it is composed of dots which are pressed into the paper.

Large Print

People who are visually impaired often need larger letters, ample line spacing, more prominent table borders and other adjustments to be able to read printed materials.

Since BOOKOO makes it easy to create and to adapt existing documents into these accessible forms using a simple online web editor which resembles commonly used word processors, it can be used by any averagely skilled user without any special knowledge about accessibility.

Rich content is supported including mathematics, exercises, tables, images and dictionaries.


OUI is a novel way of accessibility where digital applications adapt directly to users needs.

Instead of using cumbersome assistive tools that can only go so far in trying to give people with disabilities access to what was formerly designed for someone else, the usability experience for people with disabilities is much improved if the application itself can offer them what they need.

OUI stands for "Optimised User Interface".

Low-vision People

Instead of using a magnifier to zoom small texts in an application, the application itself can offer larger texts for those who need it.

Blind People

Instead of striving to navigate a visual interface with the help of a "screen reader", an application can present itself aurally and let blind people control it in a way which is natural for them.

Children & Seniors

Many children and seniors would appreciate an interface which is simplified, where functionality is limited and options are not too many but which serves well to achieve the basic task that the application was designed for.

These are just three examples. It is possible to use the same principles and technologies to make the same application adaptable for various groups of people.


Lava is a web development platform with accessibility built-in from the beginning.

Web Applications

Lava's database, logic, interface and presentation layers make it possible to develop sophisticated web applications that go far beyond simple websites.


Lava contains a full-featured content management system (CMS). Content is edited either using a visual editor or a simple to learn structured text format.


The system is carefully designed to be accessible for visitors as well as for content creators.


Support for multilingual content is built-in. Multiple language variants of content can be managed seamlessly.

User Management

Complete user registration process and user management subsystem supports registration, automatic notifications, password reminders, safe password storage and access rights management.


All layers of the framework are highly extensible. We have used it in the past to build websites, digital library, book production system, digital language school, e-shop CRM systems and various custom information systems.


The platform follows best practices and conforms to W3C and other relevant standards including all the main accessibility standards.